Your Snakelike King

by Blood Stereo

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Cryptic outsider concrete collages from UK noise stalwarts Karen Constance (Polly Shang Kuan Band/Smack Music 7) and Dylan Nyoukis, presented on the awesome Pan label. This pair should need little introduction to fans of underground UK noise, what with their catalogue of discretions as Prick Decay (later known as Decaer Pinga) and most recently as Blood Stereo operating out of Brighton. 'Your Snakelike King' features two exploratory twenty minute sides of heavy-lidded drones, ghoulish field recordings and undulating abstract textures conducted with dark and malevolent intentions. The first, 'The Giving Of The Grape' wanders head-under-arm through catacombs of sloshing tape loops and drifting cinematic tones to emerge into almost mediaeval scapes of cawing jackdaws, ritual small sound melodies and more uncomfortable, fluid noise digressions. The other could be an imaginary field recording from a physicians surgery, with the sounds of blood draining from treppanated skulls, the victim writhing in agony hearing his own fluids morphed into unhygienic, Corsano-like musique concrete before being sent to a santorium.

released on Pan on LP in an edition of 330


released August 6, 2009



all rights reserved


Blood Stereo Brighton, UK

Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis

"They explore hand-cranked 20th century technology in combination with epiglottal gymnastics and free music modes inherited as much from punk rock's mutilated aesthetic as utopian art styles." - David Keenan

"In their masks or out, they sow confusion like wheat." - Byron Coley

"So go ahead & let them get a little bit of their saliva on you." - Angela Sawyer
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