1. Pocket Mutations

  2. Ouster Crawling
    Wino Lodge

  3. Day Music/Night Music

  4. Lalo Mendy
    Karen Constance

  5. I Am Falling Down

  6. Dulles unt Huso
    Crank Sturgeon & Dylan Nyoukis

  7. ??????

  8. No One Cares About The Drama Queen's Potassium Intake
    Dylan Nyoukis & Seymour Glass

  9. Still Awake
    Karen Constance

  10. Still Asleep
    Karen Constance

  11. Perpetual Ear Brew
    Dylan Nyoukis

  12. Therapeutic Effects

  13. Old Scar For New Nose
    Karen Constance

  14. The Junk Merchant
    Karen Constance

  15. Whit?

  16. Nothing To See, Hear
    Karen Constance

  17. The Flood Wants Silence Of Tongue
    Dylan Nyoukis

  18. Scunnered At Breakfast
    Dylan Nyoukis

  19. In The Egg
    Karen Constance & Dan Melchior

  20. An Unripe Preoccupation With Nongenarian Moroseness
    Kieron Piercy & Dylan Nyoukis

  21. Unusual Dealers
    Dan Melchior & Dylan Nyoukis

  22. My Disgusting Heart
    Stefan Jaworzyn, Dylan Nyoukis & Gnarlos

  23. Dropout Elements
    Aaron Dilloway & Dylan Nyoukis

  24. The Toadstool Millionaires
    Blood Lewiis

  25. Bicker Sweet
    Karen Constance & Elkka Nyoukis

  26. Where There's raw Grace In Garbage
    Blood Stereo

  27. Nothing To See, Hear
    Dylan Nyoukis

  28. Two Paths To Outer Edge

  29. Tape Loop Meditations

  30. Gukuruguh
    rlw & Dylan Nyoukis

  31. The Failing Chase
    Dylan Nyoukis

  32. I Found A Photocopy Of A Dream And It Sent Me To Sleep
    Dylan Nyoukis

  33. Life Is But A Smear
    Dylan Nyoukis

  34. Two Drams
    Blood Stereo

  35. The Lure Of Gurp
    Blood Stereo

  36. Hackit
    Blood Stereo

  37. Rid Raw
    Blood Stereo

  38. Junk Operatics
    Dylan Nyoukis

  39. The Creaking Thirst
    Blood Stereo

  40. Don't Chase The Whisper, Let It Sleep
    Blood Stereo

  41. The Eight Thumbed Hand Serenades
    Blood Stereo

  42. Höra Röster
    Dylan Nyoukis

  43. Palatine Arches
    Blood Stereo

  44. A Many Nippled Child
    Dylan Nyoukis

  45. Tape Hiss For Brain Wash
    Blood Stereo

  46. All Are Ore Museum
    Blood Stereo

  47. Your Snakelike King
    Blood Stereo

  48. Gong Off
    Dylan Nyoukis & Fritz Welch

  49. The Trunk Is Flexed
    Blood Stereo


Wino Lodge Brighton, UK

Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis

"They explore hand-cranked 20th century technology in combination with epiglottal gymnastics and free music modes inherited as much from punk rock's mutilated aesthetic as utopian art styles." - David Keenan

"In their masks or out, they sow confusion like wheat." - Byron Coley

"So go ahead & let them get a little bit of their saliva on you." - Angela Sawyer
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