Nothing To See, Hear

by Karen Constance



choc.474 Coughing Constance presents a companion release to choc.470. Recorded inside Wino Lodge during March 2020 using the same set up as used by Nyoukis. Further dollops of loop damage which aim to disorientate and frazzle in the nicest possible way. Give thanks to the tapes!

"Constance has deft fingers, putting her sounds together with a maestros touch, altering the pace and density so that one minute you’re being subdued by a Victorian opera singer coming though a scratchy cylinder, slightly sped up and destroyed and the next the clip-clop of horses hooves before this all melts into a gloopy swamp of mushy-ness where you feel like your falling through a glycerine filled, glass walled, twenty ton holding tank. I suspect cassette tape and loop machines, the rubbing of strings and things I don’t understand. I also suspect I may have heard one of the best releases to pass through these hands this year." - Idwal Fisher

originally released as a CDr in an edition of 50 in April 2020


released May 1, 2020


all rights reserved



Constance/Nyoukis Brighton, UK

Karen Constance & Dylan Nyoukis

"They explore hand-cranked 20th century technology in combination with epiglottal gymnastics and free music modes inherited as much from punk rock's mutilated aesthetic as utopian art styles." - David Keenan

"In their masks or out, they sow confusion like wheat." - Byron Coley

"So go ahead & let them get a little bit of their saliva on you." - Angela Sawyer
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